Here Comes the June Holidays

Today marks Isaac’s last day of school for the term. This means he gets to enjoy his first June holidays which will last for a month. As we picked him up from school, he told me “mummy, i have a surprise for you! But I’ll show you when we get home.” I could sense his excitement as he almost wanted to open his bag to show me the surprise.

As soon as we got home, he presented to us 2 certificates he was awarded with, along with his Report Book. It is great to know that he is doing well in school and is well liked by his teachers and peers. One important take home that was shared by his teacher was that he has good people management skills. As a class leader, when he sees things that are not right, he tries to resolve it on his own. Failing which, he would bring it to the teachers’ attention without naming who did what.

I remember him talking to me and G about his role as a class leader some time back. He was upset that he had to be responsible for the class and he did not understand why he was “reprimanded” because his classmates did not behave. At that point, we taught him how to deal with such situations and if he so decides to give up the role as a class leader because it really makes him unhappy, we want him to know that we will fully support his decision. At the end of the day, it is just a title. We do not want him to dread going to school just because of this. Fast forward to present day, he has completed 2 school terms and is getting better at what he does. Even his teacher told us so during the parent teacher meeting.

This June holidays, we are going to play hard!

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