June Madness

So I had all these plans of bringing the kids out to museums, staycations, short trip overseas nearby… all of which did not materialise.

First, no passports.

We applied for the renewal of our passports sometime back in April. We were told that the wait time for the passport is about a month to 6 weeks. First week of June came, I did not receive any notification on the collection of the passports. Our family and close friends were headed to Genting to check out their new attractions and asked if we wanted to go. We thought if we got the passports in time, we will just book the hotel and drive up that very weekend. We had a glimpse of hope when we finally saw the status of the passports changed from ‘in process’ to ‘pending collection’.

On the day of passport collection, the snaking queue was all the way to the taxi stand of the building. People were queuing to just enter the ICA building. Luckily, most of the people were there to request for their passport applications to be expedited. The collection queue was shorter. However, the wait time to get our passports was 4 to 5 hours. We were told that we can leave the building first and return later in the evening. Meanwhile, we brought the boys for a swim nearby, which I posted on our IG – @iixplorers.

About close to 7pm, we got our passports. We happily searched for rooms to book in Genting only to find out that they were all sold out!

Ian fell ill.

I think this is a blessing in disguise. We did not make and travel plans because of a wedding. Coincidentally, Ian fell very ill. He was down with high fever which we had been suppressing with meds. On the day of the wedding dinner, he seemed better. But halfway through, he was burning up again and his cough got very bad. We left the dinner halfway. Brought him to his usual pediatrician the next morning. Based on his blood test, he had both viral and bacterial infection. There was also the presence of mycoplasma. We had to monitor him over the next few days to see if the fever subsides for good. Otherwise, he will need to return for a chest x-ray to make sure his symptoms did not develop into pneumonia, which he has a history of. Thankfully, he is all well now.

School resumes next week, so we plan to just stay in SG. Also, we have started transiting back into our school days’ routine by letting the kids sleep earlier. Hopefully, we work out something for Ian’s first plane ride during the year-end holidays.

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