First Bus Ride with Ian

[18 Nov 2020 || Isaac at 5 years 8 months, Ian at 1 year months 3 months]

Today we took the bus with Ian for the first time. Isaac suggested we take the bus to grandma’s place today and his plan was to sit on the very first seat on the upper deck of the double-decker bus. We ended up at the lower deck because I had Ian in the carrier plus a big backpack to carry. Luckily Isaac is the thoughtful sort, he even volunteered to carry the bag for me a few times.

Although we were on the lower deck, that did not stop the kids from having fun. Isaac couldn’t wait to press the bell before we alighted and Ian was busy checking out the bus. He kept pointing at the air con and said “ball” probably because the air-con vent was circular.

It felt superb to be out of the house and experiencing new things with the kids.

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