This Concludes Isaac’s First Year in Kindergarten

In the blink of an eye, tomorrow marks the last day of Isaac’s life in K1. It is hard to believe it because he was hardly in school the whole year. School for 2 months, school closure in April due to covid. School resumed in June, but I only sent him back in August. Now school is out again. He has been in school for what, 6 months? It is like some crash course and he is on to K2.

2020 is coming to an end, and there is so much to reflect to this year. I think there are pros and cons to covid.


  • We bonded more with each other
  • Our parents learnt to be a little more tech savvy so we can video call
  • The kids cherish times when they can see their grandparents and vice versa
  • Isaac learnt more about what happens when people don’t take care of Earth
  • G got to work from home, which meant I somewhat get some help with Ian


  • We stayed home alot, less social activities and we missed our family and friends
  • The fear of getting covid was stressful
  • I think Mac shut down for 2 weeks was quite a big deal for me because i love their hash brown
  • Food delivery charges were crazy high
  • No travels or staycations. The option for staycation resumed recently.

My eldest sister was hoping she can return in Dec and even got her leave approved, but now plans are cancelled. Covid has been tough on everyone, especially small businesses. Hope everything gets better soon.

2021, please be a much better year.

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