The Elder Child

[29 May 2020 || Isaac at 5 years 2 Months]

Dear Isaac,

Is being the older child tough on you?

Sometimes I look at you and I feel very blessed to have such an understanding and sweet boy like you as my child, especially as a big brother. I try not to make you give in to everything that Ian wants, because you really don’t have to if it is against your will. We have taught you before that sometimes when you say ‘please’ to ask someone to share something with you, it does not necessarily mean that the other party has to share with you. They have the right not to share if it is something special. One day, we will teach Ian the same to prevent you both from ever fighting for the same thing.

We told you before that if Ian ever misbehaves, we will come after you. This is because we really hope you know that Ian looks up to you. These days especially, he has learnt to mimic what you do. He is not even 1 year of age and he already knows how to copy what your actions. One day, you will also learn that when you misbehave, your daddy and I self reflect as well because you might have picked it up from us. We try to be at our best like how we hope you will be for Ian as well.

There are many times when we have to stop you from what you used to do before Ian came along. We tell you to stop talking so loudly whenever Ian sleeps because he is very difficult when he is tired. When we tell you to put down whatever you are doing and do another task quickly, we expect you to do it fast because we have limited time to get it done. It could be that Ian is about to wake up or he needs our attention soon. Ian may not be the easiest baby to deal with, but he’s improving and slowly, our lives are beginning to get easier. With him going to bed earlier for the day now, we have more time for you alone and I really love spending that bit of quality time with you.

Having another baby in our lives has changed the dynamics of this family, but it does not change the love that we have for you (we only love you more with each passing day). We are forever thankful that you are so loving, and that Ian adores you just as much. You are the most amazing brother I have ever seen.

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