Circuit Breaker – 3 More Weeks To Go!

[11 May 2020 || Isaac at 5 years 2 months, Ian at 9 months 8 days]

Recently, we realised that Ian can sleep a lot better when someone is next to him. There are alot of trial and errors with Ian and methods that we used previously and did not work, seems to work now. I guess this is also because he is slightly older and it kinda got easier. Although he is still a koala, he can entertain himself slightly longer now too.

Last night he turned in at 8.30pm while I laid next to him. There are many times he almost woke up while changing position, but when he knows I am next to him, he will go back to sleep. Just like that, he slept till 8.30am this morning. My favourite thing about this is the fact that now I have more time to spend with isaac. We would play Call of Duty or Animal Crossing after Ian sleeps. Even if we don’t get to play the same game, just lying next to each other and doing the same thing together makes us happy. When isaac wants to do his own stuff, I get to binge watch my shows on Netflix. I’m so happy with this new found me-time.

We are more than halfway through the circuit breaker and i cannot wait to bring the boys out to bask in the sun. Might be safer to wait another week or two after the circuit breaker until I bring them out. I am half hearted about sending isaac back to school, but I think he would love to go back because he misses his friends.

The hair salons are back in business and importantly, MacD started operating again today. I think MacD is an essential.

Our hair is getting more crazy by the day, but it doesn’t matter since we are all stuck at home. Ian’s hair has proven to be as crazy as mine. :p

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