The Independent One

[16 November 2019 | Isaac at 4 years 7 months]

From when you were as little as 2 years old, we knew you were going to be a very independent person when you got older. Although you were still learning to put on your socks and shoes back then, you insisted that you did not need any of our help. You would sit there doing what you need to do or figuring it out at your own pace. Sometimes you’d look up to ask “correct side?“ but that was it.

Many times when we helped you with something, you would re-do it just so you can do it on your own. On days we were in a rush really made us want to tear our hair off.

Today while I was looking after ian and and having my breakfast, you took a bath on your own. You even brushed your own teeth, combed your hair, picked out your outfit and put them on all by yourself. You came out to surprise me knowing I would be happy that you did all these by yourself. Little did you know that I had been watching you. From the moment you stepped into the bathroom, I had been peeping. I saw you shampoo your hair and soap your body. With alot, alot of soap. You later came out to tell me that you used alot of soap so you would be squeaky clean. 🤭

You did everything so well by yourself. No shampoo or soap on your hair or body when you were done. Your teeth were all clean. Your hair was so neat. I was very, very proud of you. When you came out and stood in front of you, I couldn’t help but gave you a very big hug and tell you how proud I was.

Mama is truly happy and proud of you everyday but today, exceptionally more.

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