Canopy Web – Singapore Botanic Gardens

We left the house early yesterday for lunch and to let the boys meet up with their cousins. While on the way out, G realised that he had confused the days as we were only supposed to meet them the next day. The boys were disappointed, but they cheered up when they were told that we can still skate scoot at a park today.

We drove to Singapore Botanic Gardens to check out the Canopy Web. Isaac’s first reaction was, “What? so hot here!”. After he got an earful from his dad for being unappreciative of our efforts to search and bring him to this place, we finally got out of the car.

We parked at the Tyersall Avenue entrance and took a little walk past the swan lake just to take a glimpse of the swans, but there was only one in sight. We walked a little further in across the boardwalk and found the Canopy Web. Luckily, the kids had their scooters, which sped up the time spent in the scorching sun.

The Canopy Web

Elevated 8m above ground level lies the Canopy Web. The boys quickly found a good spot and nestled under the shade. We had to let the children know that this web is not a trampoline. They can only walk across the web, not jump on it. We spent almost an hour here just enjoying being in nature. The kids got to explore and saw new things like a humongous monitor lizard and a leaf so huge that it was Ian’s size. What was probably the best was that we could go without masks in the park.

Looking forward to more adventures with the children now that the covid restrictions are easing.

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