Guess who’s back?

Yoohoooo. Am back from a one and a half years of hiatus and am recharged! A couple of reasons why I stopped writing. 1) I remember feeling so drained everyday from the endless chores and watching over the kids that I just want to crash by the time the kids sleep. 2) With the whole covid situation, we hardly had any fun outdoors. We spent a lot of time at home, or went on car rides when we wanted to just get out of the house.

Now that the Ian is older and less clingy, I start to feel some of my sanity creeping back. His sleep time is also pretty standard now, after Isaac started Primary 1. Both boys sleep by 8.30pm. By then, I will have some time to do my own stuff for a couple of hours before calling it a day.

Good thing is, covid restrictions have been lifted (mostly) and we are somewhat back to pre covid days. This means we get to play outdoors more and meet up with friends and family anytime we want. Ian’s first 2 birthdays we had no more than 5 visitors in our house each time, so we are hoping to have a more fun time for him on his 3rd birthday (Aug).

It is great to be able to write this post in peace while the kids are asleep. After all, I have always preferred penning down my thoughts than to express it verbally. Will be back to update more soon!

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