Covid 19 Circuit Breaker

In view of the C19 pandemic, it was announced on Tuesday that the nation will be going into Circuit Breaker mode for a month.

Today is only Day 5 of the Circuit Breaker so we are still alive and sane. Although we are not able to go outdoors unless absolutely necessary, I actually think it is quite a good time for the family to bond. Isaac is quite happy that daddy now works from home because play time with daddy commences the moment dad is off work at 6pm. As this whole experience is quite extraordinary, I will document our days till the circuit breaker is over and done with. Keeping our fingers crossed that the circuit breaker is not extended.

Circuit Breaker Day 5

It is Easter weekend. Holiday actually started yesterday (Good Friday) but it feels like holiday every day now since we are home bound. Maybe only seems like holiday to me because I don’t go to work. Prior to this, I lose track of dates and days from time to time. Now it is just worse because the husband has lost track of days too.

Today, we had home cooked curry for lunch. Gonna be having that for dinner as well because it is a hassle to cook so many times. Luckily we are not picky eaters. We packed the toy room today so there is more space to play. While we were packing, the kiddos planted themselves in the middle of the room to play. It is funny how Isaac does not play with his toys much but the moment we decide to discard toys that he no longer plays, he suddenly wants to play with them.

Daddy went out to get groceries close to midnight so there would be less people at the supermarket. Everytime he steps out of the door, I worry about the possibility of catching the virus. But we still need the daily necessities…

Day 6

Daddy got a cooling unit for the toy room. The toys are pretty much organized so we will move on to clear other parts of the house. With the air conditioner in the toy room, Isaac now loves to stay in there to binge watch his shows on Netflix.

Today is Easter Sunday. I spent the afternoon tuned in to the church service online since this is now available with the regulations to stop all religious congregations. The last time I was in church was even before isaac was born. If only the option to have the church service online continues after this covid 19 saga.

We ordered in for dinner today. I realised the daily struggle I have is thinking of what to cook for the day. First off, I am not a good cook. Secondly, cooking for myself vs cooking something that the kids will eat is totally diff. I think I can eat the same thing over and over for a few days. But I am pretty sure isaac will ask for something else to eat. What makes it even more challenging is that now I have to cook 2 different meals a day because we can’t head out and it is also alot more expensive to order in all the time.

I am just really hoping people would just heed the advice of staying home so we can flatten the Covid curve. As of today there are no more imported cases but the number of local cases are on the rise.

Day 7

Woke up to this sexy baby.

Video called the sisters today because it is my eldest sister’s birthday. As she is practicing meds in US, I am really worried for her since she is required to treat the patients with Covid. 2 in her team have quit, 2 took unpaid leave. I check in on her every morning to see how she is doing.

It is Bolognese and meatballs for lunch today.

While Ian napped, I managed to change the bedsheets, clean the floor, shower and prepped lunch. Managed to have my lunch at my own pace today and it was nice because I haven’t done that in a while. The timing was perfect because Ian got up after I was done with lunch. Fed him and it was playtime with him. He really enjoyed the Ants Go Marching In song especially when we sang ‘Hurrah!’.

It is so warm but the sky is dark. Hoping it rains later. Please rain heavily. The heat is killing all of us.

At 11.45pm : I had a rough day. Ian was very cranky but I am not sure why. He was fighting sleep despite the obvious state of tiredness he was in. He woke up from his very short nap at 4pm and was awake in his super cranky mood all the way till 11pm when he finally fell asleep. The only time he calmed down was when I carried him to look out of the window. Could it be that he wants to go out? I’m guessing so because his dad brought him out of the house to walk outside for a bit and he was happy. When he got back in, he was cranky again.

Most of the time, I have intentions to do my own things after he goes to bed but I am already dead beat by the time he sleeps. I can’t recall when was the last time I actually got to do my own things without a care in the world. For now, I just keep telling myself that when ian is slightly older, I will have alot of time to myself. I should treasure the time I have with him now. Everytime I think of this, I feel better. Let’s hope I have an easier day tomorrow.

Day 8 – 14 April 2020

3.00pm : It is disappointing to learn that there were 386 new cases yesterday. I am not sure why people don’t take this pandemic seriously. India has extended their lockdown and I fear we are headed towards the same direction. Today we had MacD for lunch upon Isaac’s request. Honestly, the adults just wanted to have chicken rice. Had a video call session with my sisters, and also my nieces in the morning. I realised that we video call our relatives more often now because we are stuck at home. Thank God for technology or I think we will all go nuts. Ian is napping now so I am just updating the blog while watching Isaac do his thing. Check out my view right now. Maybe I should just take a nap before Ian wakes.

11.40pm : I wonder why Ian fights sleep so much. Putting him to sleep at the end of the day always end up with so much tears from him and an exhausted me. When he does decide to go to sleep, he doze off very quickly. I just don’t understand why he fights it in the first place when he is so tired. I always think I can do my own stuff after he sleeps but it seems like everytime I end up too tired to do anything so I just go to sleep. I feel like being a mom is the toughest job I’ve ever gotten compared to all other jobs prior to looking my children. Always the first to wake and the last to sleep. #momlife

Today’s number of new covid cases are over 300 again. Over six thousand people were given stern warning for not adhering to the circuit breaker regulations. What is wrong with these people? Perhaps the best thing that can happen now is if we go into total lockdown so the virus will stop spreading in the community. OK time to snooze.

Day 9 – 15 April 2020

Woke up to isaac kicking and hitting my back because he was having a bad dream. He started shouting and woke ian up at 6am. After I managed to pat ian back to sleep, I was wide awake while everyone else snored on.

I wanted to wait out to watch the sun rise but I decided to go back to sleep instead. This was what I manage to capture :

If there is one good thing about the coronavirus, it would be the fact that this very sick Earth is slowly healing. With most people indoors, there are less air and sea pollution, global warming slows down, there is also less noise pollution. I think many of us have also slowed down on the pace of living and reconnecting more with people at home.

Today, there are 447 new cases. Everyday is a new record high. Most of the cases are linked to the dormitory clusters. Fingers are still crossed for the rest of Singaporeans stay at home unless there is a definite need to head out. Speaking of which, I sprained my wrist today. Hopefully it recovers without medical intervention.

Day 10 – 16 April 2020

We were wakened up by isaac’s bloody nose. There was so much blood and it took a while to stop. He might have already woken his daddy up a few times before I got up later to find tissue still in his nose as he slept on. The moment I took the tissue (and dried up blood) away, blood started oozing out of his nose again. His face had so much blood stains i had to get the wet wipes to clean them off.

Did some writing exercises with isaac today and some spelling activity. Daddy told him if he got them all correct, he will be rewarded with a small gift of his choice. When he was done, he asked for a kite.

Tried to take a nap in the afternoon when ian napped but was suddenly very awake when I received a message from Ceredan. Apparently we have won a Dyson pure cool me from a contest that I had participated in some time back. In fact, I had almost forgotten about it so it was quite a nice to know we have a happy package coming our way

Today’s number of Covid cases – 728. I’m sure the circuit breaker is gonna be extended because it is record high yet again.

Day 11 – 17 April 2020

Yesterday, I forgot to mention that my neighbours came over to give us masks for the children. Although there are too many articles about the ugly things that people do during this period (like fighting over toilet rolls and stocking up on sanitizers and reselling them at triple the price), there are still many very lovely people around. There is also a bottle of sanitizer that was placed in our lift so residents of this block can use it. There is also an ongoing project by a group of mothers who are sewing masks for children and they give it away for free. There is so much love i have for these very kind souls.

Today, I did word search with Isaac. I think he is pretty fast when it comes to look for the words. The only thing that slowed him down was his inability to spell so he had to cross check alphabet by alphabet to make sure he did not circle the wrong word.

There was a rumour going round that there are going to be over 1100 new cases today, mostly dormitories related. Not sure how true yet but there was a message sent by the government that as of 12pm, there was already 600 over cases. So it might very well be true.

G and Isaac have gone to sleep in the toy room tonight. They are watching a movie on the projector and enjoying life to the fullest. So tonight, just me and ian. Hopefully tomorrow G can handle Ian when he sleeps so I can go over and sleep with isaac just for one night. I miss spending time with him alone and he told me the same just now.

Day 12 – 18 April 2020

Ian slept really well last night. Maybe because it was only me in the room with him and I don’t toss and turn much when I sleep. G and Isaac are very fidgety and every sound that they make tends to wake ian.

Isaac got out of bed shortly after Ian and I got up. He showered himself first thing in the morning to surprise me. He is such a cutie. During lunch however, I lost my cool and started yelling at him because he did not listen to me and caused Ian to spill apple juice all over the floor. I got super upset because I had just mopped the floor less than an hour ago and I have to mop again. In fact, I mopped another 2 more times because I fear the appearance of ants in the house.

G cooked today. The whole kitchen got super oily and we had to do 3 rounds of cleaning to make sure there was no grease on the floor and kitchen cabinet. Last night, G had promised Isaac that they would play game together in the evening today so Isaac had been looking forward to it the whole day. Evening came and because we ended up having to wash the kitchen till late (11pm) Isaac insisted that G had broken his promise. He got very upset and fell asleep on the sofa after crying. I could imagine just how tired he was but he was waiting up to play game with his father. I carried him to the room only for him to wake up and go to the living room sofa to wait for his daddy again. He was that persistent. In the end, they played game from 11ish pm to close to 2am when Isaac finally went to sleep.

G and I had a chat that night. He also shared his thoughts on FB:

Working from home is tough, tough on Isaac is my 5yo son, we’re best friends. Back in the day I would send him to school and then head to work. We won’t see each other till I reached home around 7pm, and when I reached home, I’m present. I spent quality time with him and we would look forward to weekends, when we would wake up together and he knowing that I would be with him for the entire two days.

With WFH I am at home 24/7 and he doesn’t go to school to have the companionship of his friends. Although we get to be in close proximity with each other, I’m not present, I have to work (for real). Having not being able to see his friends from school, I think he expects his best friend to step up, but I can’t.

He has loads of toys and games to play with, but he says he’s bored daily. The underlying problem is not boredom, but seeing his best friend at home and yet still feel so lonely. “Nobody plays with me”, he would say.

Ian is my 8mo baby, who requires all the attention from my wife all the time, whereby she has to cook and clean and this and that. Her workload is also very demanding. So Isaac is really “alone” for much of Mondays to Fridays.

It doesn’t help that we get frustrated with him sometimes, when there are so much chores to do and he acts up, trying to get our attention.

Today Isaac cried, because he said I broke my promise of wanting to play with him, and he fell asleep while tearing, I was cleaning the kitchen.

This period is tough for everyone, please have more patience with your loved ones and be 100% present when you’re present.

I am sorry my baobei, best friend and beloved son. I promise to be present whenever possible. Love, daddy.

Many times, we forget that Isaac is only 5. The expectations we have for him are higher especially after he knows how to do things by himself. For example shower. He will insist daddy showers for him when he knows how to shower by himself. I feel that we have neglected Isaac but this is definitely not by choice. I hope that when Ian is older, I will be able to have some time alone with Isaac.

Day 13 – 19 April 2020

We finally went out for a drive. We sat in the car the whole time so we dont come into contact with anyone. The kids have been home for the past 12 days and we finally get to leave the house. Going out is a stressful thing now even though we are still allowed to go to the parks to exercise. When we left the house we were afraid of being seen by neighbours because people are more judgemental these days.

Got a bowl of sashimi and rice to enjoy in the car since we can’t dine in now. Good though, less contact with people means lower chance of catching covid 19.

Day 14 – 20 April 2020

Today we found out that Ian is allergic to eggs. He had some scrambled eggs and developed rash on his chin, cheeks, wrists, belly, around his eyes. I immediately video called a doctor for a tele consult. We were advised to bring him for food allergy test so we know what else is he allergic to.

We received a large box of donuts from Isaac’s godpa today. Godpa was thoughtful enough to order 3 additional plain donuts just for Isaac. We are lucky to be surrounded by so many people who love us.

Day 15 – 21 April 2020

Halfway through the circuit breaker today only to find out that the circuit breaker has been extended for another 4 more weeks till June 1st. That makes it 6 more weeks to go.

More businesses are forced to close including bubble tea shops. Right after the announcement, the influx of people who went to queue for bubble tea was ridiculous. The queue was extremely long and fights broke out. This was circulated in watsapp and I just cannot believe how crazy people are. They fail to understand why the circuit breaker is being carried out. The selfishness and foolishness of these people makes me mad. Hairdressers are told to stop operating as well. Suddenly everyone needs a haircut. I don’t get it. Not sure what is so difficult to understand about the words ‘stay home’.

Today we had fun spelling names with our bodies. Isaac insisted to show me how he does ian’s name too. This sweet big brother will always have ian in his thoughts. Isaac is really the sweetest little boy I’ve ever met.

The happy thing about today is that we found out the gender of isaac’s godpa’s child. Godpa was elated and he called me over the phone and couldn’t contain his excitement. I am extremely happy for him and isaac’s godma and can’t wait to see the little one. The baby will be here in time for Christmas.

Day 16 – 22 April 2020

I have run out of ideas on what to cook. G cooked steak for lunch and I didn’t cook dinner. I had 3 donuts. Isaac had ian’s porridge since there is enough for him. G went to sleep at 7pm and it is now 11pm.

Isaac is sleeping by himself tonight. As g has fallen asleep in the master bedroom, I need to check on isaac from time to time later to make sure he is OK. I need to sleep now so I can get up later. 🙂

Ok another note, the Dyson pure cool me has arrived today. yay. Can’t wait to open it tomorrow.

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