Back from Hiatus

[21 February 2020 || Isaac at 4 years 11 months, Ian at 6 months 18 days] 

Been busy with keeping the house real clean because of the Covid 19 saga. Thankfully, we finally got someone to help with the cleaning on Saturdays so the load has been lightened, especially the ironing.

Both boys have started to play together and it is heartwarming to see them love each other so much. Ian looks forward to seeing Isaac when he wakes every morning.

Isaac has gotten very good with following the lego building instructions. Even though he says lego is not his favourite toy, he is always compelled to build them when it involves superheroes or cars.

We are not sure why Ian is fussy when he sleeps at night. On some nights he’d wake at 2am or 5am even when he is not hungry. Can’t figure out if it is the position he’s not comfortable with or his tummy is not well. I’ll have to carry him and then out him back down before he sleeps again. On better nights, he’d stir but go back to sleep when I pat his back. Apart from that, he’s growing well. Eating alot. Always asking for food. I’ve been trying to teach him to call ‘mama’ but his first word was ‘mom mom’ to ask for food. ‘Mama’ came second. *shrugs*

On an irrelevant note, it took me 4 attempts to update this post because I kept dozing off the first 3 times.