The Witching Hour

[16 December 2019 || Ian at 4 months 3 days]

Is this real??? So I googled why does my baby go into his inconsolable crying mode everytime the evening arrives and this was what I found – the witching hour. There is no apparent reason why he cries like this but it is expected to stop when he is 4 months old. For ian, it started when he is 4 months old!

In my desperate need to sleep, I carried him to sleep for 2 nights in a row. We are trying to figure out what we did differently and the only thing I can think of us the fact that G got some amulets from a friend.

Although I am not entirely sure if this is because of the amulets, my assumption is because ian cries everytime G carries him and whenever G is home (he carries the amulets on him).

Just 3 nights ago, he left the amulets in the car and the crying stopped. Last night when G removed his amulets before carrying ian, he stopped crying too. I may sound like a crazy woman but I can’t help but feel that this is related to the amulets.

I do not know how long this is gonna last but I hope it settles real soon. I’m losing sleep, weight and hair. The baby seemed to have lost some weight too. 😭


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