My Sleeping Child

[8 November 2019 | Ian at 3 months 5 days]

My mum used to tell me how I will never understand how a mother feels or thinks until I become a mother myself.

Took me 27 years to understand what she meant after Isaac came into my life. As isaac was a relatively easy baby, what my mother said to me many years back came to mind again when Ian came along.

Being very sensitive to sound and the surroundings around him, Ian jumps at the slightest sudden movements that he sees even from the corner of his eyes. Needless to say, he stirrs even when he is asleep when someone leaves or enters the room he is in. He only sleeps well when he is being cradled.

Recently, I learnt from my mom that she used to cradle my niece to sleep when my niece was a baby. “what???” was my reaction when I heard that. In fact she did it till my niece was a few months old. I cannot imagine how stressful it must have been because I myself am afraid to doze off while carrying my own baby. I just think I may drop him due to the tiredness. In fact, I feed Ian by placing him on a pillow instead of carrying him just in case I doze off.

For now, putting a hand on Ian while he sleeps lessens the number of times he gets a shock while sleeping. Especially when I have a crazy neighbour who slams the door every night to early morning several times. Hope Ian start to sleep better soon. Better still if he sleeps through the night.

Mombie signing out.


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