Your First Bicycle

[23 September 2019]

Dear Isaac,

Daddy got you your very own bicycle today. He had intended to get you one in blue but it was out of stock so he got you a bicycle in green. Mama had told you this morning that there would be a surprise for you that we will have to pick up ourselves at 6pm cos daddy is at work and you couldn’t wait. Every hour you’d ask me what the time was. I saw it as an opportunity to teach you to look at the clock and tell me the time instead. ;p

Knowing your dad, he got off work earlier to pick up your surprise for 2 reasons. 1)mama will have to pick up the heavy box together with you, while carrying Ian. 2) he would love to see your excitement when you saw the surprise. True enough, you were extremely excited when you saw the huge box and even more so when you realised he had bought you a bicycle.

Daddy is still fixing the brakes and will install the pedals when it is safe for you to ride. We are so happy that you are happy. We can’t wait to bring you cycling!

In other news, you also read your first words by yourself today. It was the title of a game in play store called ‘T-Rex Escape’. Daddy and I are so proud of you our darling boy!

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