The Most Amazing Big Brother

Dearest Isaac,

Looking at you today, I realised how much you have grown. Especially after the arrival of your younger brother, there has been so much focus on him that sometimes I miss spending one on one time with you.

I love how you have started picking out your clothes and dress yourself now after every shower. When you hear Ian start to stir from him sleep, you’d tell me “hurry, hurry go. Check on didi.”

I love how you tell me not to worry about you when i am feeding Ian and you want milk at the same time. I remember when we had just brought Ian home, you’d ask “is didi more important than me?” when I had to feed him prior to making your milk. These days, you’d tell me “OK la, you feed didi first. I will wait for you. But don’t make my milk too cold uh!”

I love how you decided to cook your own lunch today because I was busy trying to pat Ian to sleep. When I walked into the kitchen and saw you scooping rice to put into the pot, I asked what were you doing. You said “trying to cook myself because you need to take care of didi.” You then proceeded to wash the rice like it was no big deal.

Mama may not say it often enough to you but I want you to know that I am very, very proud of you. Proud of how much you have grown and how well you have adapted to having to care for a younger sibling at home. You are such a wonderful son and big brother and we are just so lucky to have you in our lives.

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