Our Second Bundle of Joy – Ian

We finally got to see our baby’s face at exactly 37 weeks. All those time at the gynae’s clinic, our baby hid his face whenever we tried to see him. The moment I carried him in my arms, I thought to myself how different he looked from Isaac. It has been 12 days and he is starting to resemble Isaac a little more. 2 days after his arrival, we (daddy mummy and big bro Isaac) decided to name him Ian.

Being pregnant with Ian and delivering him was tougher than what I had experienced Isaac. I slept less and ate a lot. A lot of sweet stuff too. We were surprised that Ian turned out to be so much lighter than Isaac. The doctors all said he is a small baby. Right now, we are still coping with the wee hour feeds and ensuring as much as possible to make sure Isaac is not neglected. This is really where my guilt comes in. I know many people are guilty towards their second child because they are not as excited as when they had their first child. But for me, I feel more guilty to have less time for the first. But I am sure things will get better once I get the hang of it.

Hello precious Ian, welcome to our family. You are so loved!

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