We Made It to Week 36!

Dear Didi,

You are indeed a baby full of surprises. We were told by our gynae in week 34 that you were lying really low and that mama should stay in bed in hope that you stay in till week 37. You have no idea how worried we were learning that you may possibly arrive even earlier than your brother (week 36). We were given the option to go on steroids to develop your lungs in the event that I pop before your lungs are matured. Now that we are in week 36, I am somewhat relieved and very excited to meet you.

Last week Uncle B and Auntie JX came bearing gifts for you. Mama’s eldest sister, your da yee, also called to share how excited she is about your arrival. We cannot wait to meet you soon. Please stay in for a few more days after your grandpa’s 70th birthday (2nd Aug) if possible so that you will be a matured baby ok? We love you!

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