Your Dad’s Love for You

Dear Isaac,

3 days ago, you fell ill. Since I am carrying didi, daddy suggested you and him slept in the living room with the much needed ventilation, while I slept in the room. This was also to prevent me from catching the fever from you. With the whole bed to myself, you would have thought that I’d sleep better but I didn’t. I watched you from the home monitoring system to check if you were asleep. Your dad fell asleep before you did and I came out to check on you. Your fever was at 40.2 degrees and I woke your dad up. He started sponging you and asked me to go back to bed.

Again in the room through the monitoring system, I watched how he patiently coaxed you to sleep. You always say how much daddy scolds you but when you are older, I hope you always remember the things he has done for you. Especially when you are mad at him, remember his and mummy’s love for you will never waver.

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