9th July 2019 – Kurios

Dear Isaac,

The day we have been so excited about since we got our tickets in May finally arrived. You were especially excited because you knew we were going to watch kurios with your Uncle B and Aunt JX.

Now that you are older, it is easier when we go out together because you do not asked to be carried anymore. This is also because you know I am not able to carry you with the existance of your little bro now.

This year, you are lucky that the seats 2 rows in front of you were empty. This means no one to block your view. You enjoyed yourself and took some photos and a video for daddy who did not join us. You kept asking me to capture a photo of mini Lily to show daddy because you have never seen a grown up so small.

Here are some photos we took during the experience.

Did you know this this is also Uncle Brian’s first time at cirque du soleil? He was just as excited as you were.

You bought this pair of aviators before you even saw the show. As it turned out, that happened to be your favourite act.

Then there were a couple of your photos that you wanted to share with daddy.

I must say, your shots are pretty impressive for someone your age!

We had such a good time even though you said you wanted to go home before just as the show was ending. But when the show ended, you said you want to watch it again the next day. *facepalm*

We left the best part of the day for the last. We gave Uncle B a present for his birthday in advance. You even wrote a note for him.


Mama is certainly looking forward to our next circus experience together again!

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