Home Cooked Food

Despite coming from a family of great cooks, I am hopeless at cooking. I am extremely afraid of getting splattered by the oil whenever I fry something. Doesn’t help that with our busy work schedules, I never saw the importance of cooking for myself and the hubs. This is also because we find it more expensive to cook for 2 people so we often end up eating out. Little did I expect that I would end up cooking so frequently now that I am home most of the time. I start to regret purchasing such a small cooking stove when we moved in to this home.

Why did I start to cook more? Isaac prefers to eat at home. When he is out, he eats way lesser than the amount he takes does at home. This is why I decided that I should make the effort to let him have more home cooked food so he can get all the nutrients he needs. Soup is always a must for him which is great for me because there is no frying required for this. Just throw everything into the pot and voila!

I have been trying to cook in hope of overcoming my own fear of getting burnt by the oil so we are gonna try and see how it goes for pork chop tonight. Meanwhile, soup is almost ready.


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