Being a Stay at Home Mum – Day 1

I remember sitting through a series of questions during interviews while job hunting when I was probably 20. One of the questions asked was “Where do you want to be 5 to 10 years from now?”. Back then, the answer was straightforward – Have a stable career and be an independent individual in terms of finances. Recently, I revisited this question and realised how much I have changed over the years after having the kid, or rather, soon to be kids. A stable career is no longer what is first on my list.

If not for the retrenchment exercise at work, I probably will continue to work until the new baby arrives and only stop during the maternity leave from work. Now that I no longer have to go to work, I am glad that I get to spend alone time with the elder child before the second one comes along. This is pretty ideal for now. I am hoping that this can continue to go on at least until second child is of age to go to Kindergarten. With Isaac, our in laws could help out with looking after him when he was a baby. But age is catching up with them and I do not want them to be too tired looking after the new baby. It is after all our responsibility to look after our own kids. Therefore, fingers are crossed that I come up with something to there is still income for me while staying home so this lifestyle can continue.

That being said, we are also taking Isaac out of school this year since I can now care for him myself. That would save us tons of money as well. I guess that brings me to the other thing… I will have to look at is how to home school Isaac until he goes back to school in Kindergarten. Life being a SAHM begins.

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