Paranoid Android

Woke up at 3.32am to look at the time this morning. I tried to feel if there were any movements from dd and realised there was none. Could you be asleep? I started to sneeze because it was cold. After 4 sneezes, i felt some movements. The sense of relief I had – indescribable. I realised I was just being paranoid because you did not move at his routined timing. Recently, sleep has been broken every night about 3-4am because of his movements. Yet this morning it was broken because you did not move. It is like my body has been conditioned to feel your movements at that specific timing.

This pregnancy journey has been totally different from what I experienced with your brother, both physically and mentally. I would say there is alot more stress. Didn’t help that my company decided to downsize and I was affected. On the bright side, I get to spend more time with your big brother before your arrival as well as get to recharge for the long nights with you in future.

I am glad that the detailed scan shows everything is normal which is a big assurance to us. Please continue to grow well my dearest dd.

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