Friends for Keeps

Dear Isaac,

When you grow up, you will meet alot of people in life. They will come in different phases of your life. What I have learnt, is that most people come and go. Only a handful will be there during your ups and downs. I have heard that most guys meet their best friends in army but I really wouldn’t know since I’ve never been to the army. I hope you learn to choose your friends wisely and be surrounded by wonderful people who loves you.

Now that you are still 4 years young, you hang out with mostly mummy and daddy’s friends. 😂 There are 2 important people in mummy’s life and I hope you will remember them – Uncle Brian and Auntie Jia Xin.

Mummy always feel that these 2 people are really blessings to me. It is strange that the 3 of us are so different yet we became so close and have built a connection so different from the others. As much as they accept me for who I am, they have also extended their love to you. We speak about you daily and we celebrate different occasions together.

Remember your first musical experience The Lion King? I got the tickets from them as my birthday gift and they bought another ticket just for you.

You are also in their thoughts during Christmas.

Needless to say, your birthday too. Even though we did not get a photo taken with you this year, I want you to know that they had put in alot of effort as well in making your first pinata just because you said you wanted it.

May you always remember the people who love you and learn to cherish them. One day, i hope you find your own best friends who will love you and your family and vice versa. ❤️

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