Hello Baby #2

So I have been on a brief hiatus because the energy level has been in the slumps for the past weeks but for a good cause. Finally starting to feel better in terms of energy level and appetite and I hope it goes back to 100% real soon.

Hey baby #2, since we do not know your gender yet, we have been addressing you as didimeimei whenever we speak about you with your big brother. If you would like to know, you are very, very loved. Daddy has been very accommodating with my terrible appetite just so you can grow well. Your big brother was ecstatic to see you for the first time when we went to the gynae. He has been singing and talking to you every day since. He has also started putting aside his toys for you and reminding me to get you your very own special pillow. He can’t wait to teach you so many things!

Please grow healthily and know that we are just as excited to have you in our lives as much as when we had your big brother. We cannot wait to see you again this week. šŸ˜€