A Little Sister vs Little Brother – Your Thoughts

Whenever we get on the topic about having a sibling, you’d tell us you will only love your sibling if she was a baby sister. As much as we would like to give you what you hope for, you will learn one day that some things are just beyond our control. Mummy and daddy just want a healthy sibling for you regardless of gender.

When I asked you why you will only love your sister, you will always say the same thing – “mei mei will help me to keep the toys but di di will only make it messy”. I am not sure if this could be because of your encounters in school when you watch other boys, that led you to say this. Possibly so, since you are surrounded by well behaved female cousins in the family, and so are your little friends amongst our group of close friends.

Nonetheless, we are sure you will love your sibling, regardless of gender because you are a very sweet and loving boy in nature. We just want you to know that in future, even when you have a sibling, nothing changes the love we have for you.