First Road Trip – Genting

On 26 Nov 2018, we had this impromptu plan to travel to Genting. Together with Uncle Bernard and his family, all 7 of us drove up in daddy’s car right after we knocked off from work.

We started driving towards Genting at 11pm and arrived close to 4am. Luckily for us (the adults), all 3 kids slept through the car ride.

Daddy booked this 2 bedroom suite at this new hotel called the Ion Delemen Hotel and all of us, especially the kids loved the hotel. We rested for a bit and you woke up really early the next morning despite the interrupted sleep just hours before because you were excited about our activities that day.


That was you, enjoying the cold before we headed for breakfast.

We went to the strawberry park later that day and you helped pick out the nicer strawberries together with Kay and Ade.


After the strawberry farm, we went to Vision City Video Games Park. The arcade was no different from Time Zone in Singapore to be honest, but everyone had fun regardless.


We went to Sky Avenue for dinner and there were so many pretty lights. There is an indoor amusement park (SkyTropolis) coming up and you said you want to come back the next time to play here.

The drive back to the hotel was a very cool one, literally, so we wound down the window to enjoy the coolness.

See how foggy it looked out there? You were really excited about the cold and told me how you would like to see snow some day.

We had so much fun and you said you would like to come back to the mountains again soon. I guess the next time we visit, would be when the 20th Fox Century theme park is up! Daddy and I would love to be part of your many more first experiences in life.

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